1. What is LONELYGHOSE© ?

LONELYGHOSE© is an upcoming PFP Social Club and Music NFT project launching on the Solana blockchain. A "Boo (Model 1)" NFT in your wallet will act as proof of membership to our Spirit World.

2. Which network did you launch on?

The Lonely Ghose have chosen to haunt and wander the blocks on the Solana chain.
We have decided to grace our ghouls with this chain because of the low gas fees and scary fast transaction speeds.

3. When is the launch? How much will it cost? How many will be availabe?

The launch will be a GHOSE LAUNCH. The price of 1 “Boo (Model 1)” will be at a mint price of 0.66 SOL! There are 3313 BOOs haunting the SOL chain!
The price of 1 “Boo (Model 1)” will be at a mint price of 2 SOL .

4. Secondary marketplace?

The Lonely Ghose still needs to determine which marketplace they will haunt. Aiming to haunt MagicEden and/or Solanart.
Aiming for Solanart and Alpha.Art overall.

5. How many Lonely Ghose can I mint/own?

There is no limit on how many Lonely Ghose you can mint but you can only mint 1 per transaction.
There is no limit on how many Boos you can own.

6. Was there a pre-sale or whitelist?

No, The Lonely Ghose decided to try to be more fair to the investors so there will be no presale.
We will give a role for early supporters & discord invite track winners to enter a giveaway of a few “Boo (Model 1)”s.

7. Is there a rarity tool that I can use to see the rank of my Ghose?

As of now there is no rarity tool, but we plan on getting listed on a rarity website!
The rarity data will be posted on our Twitter/Discord/Website and a tool will eventually be integrated with our website.

8. Is there utility?

Yes! We provide an airdrop utility of a pet “ZERO”, BOOs long lost love “GHOUL” and your own generated LoneTone! As long as you are holding your BOO you will receive all airdrops as we make our way through the roadmap! You will also be provided with all benefits of our Spirit World.

9.What is the Spirit World?

The Spirit World is the LONELYGHOSE’ Members only Club. Holding a “BOO (Model 1)” will act as your membership into gaining all the benefits the Spirit World has to offer. Find out once you’re in! (No it’s not a DAO)