LonelyGhose© is a collection of 1898 unique ghosts created with handmade layers compiled into an artificially intelligent engine. Welcoming each individual LonelyGhose© NFT into this realm with a special set of DNA so no Ghose is the same.

The first file contains a Boo (Model 1) which will be your pass into the SPIRIT WORLD. Each Boo (Model 1) is 3300x3300 pixels, which can be blown up to about the size of a movie poster or work great as your desktop background!

The Devs wish to channel their inner ghost and will not be revealing their identities... however; they absolutely look forward to building a relationship with their community. Their main backgrounds are Audio Production, Visual Design, Coding, and Gaming. Being a "Ghose" in each realm of these professions the Dev team chose to combine all their ideas and package them as one-to create ever-changing realms and ideas that will stand the test of time…The LonelyGhose.

This is not just another NFT project. This is a view into the possibilities of what one can do a dream; a dream found in moments of vulnerability and hope for the future. We aspire to bring artwork and beyond to a beloved community as well as, work our way into one of the first Luxury/Designer NFT Brands bringing real artists we are inspired by into the Blockchain/Metaverse.

This is where LonelyGhose© begins.

We welcome you to join the Spirit World.

Meet the Devs


Unnuwn is the Visual & Audio Designer and the Developer of LonelyGhose©. Unnuwn has been working professionally in the industry for the last of couple years and has performed with original art at venues like EDC, CRSSD Festival, and Hammer Museum. Production includes a wide range of genres; from Hip-Hop to Graphic Design to Front-End Development. Unnuwnn is a jack of all trades and a master of some.


0xShadow_ is the Community & Data Manager for LonelyGhose© and will be helping with Audio Production as well. Having been on the Solana Chain since its introduction (among many other chains). 0xShadow_ is very experienced in Cryptocurrency/NFT collection. Coming from these backgrounds, he is capable of creating a healthy community for our ecosystem.