Spirit World

Welcome to the Spirit World

Minting a BOO MODEL 1 will act as your membership to the LONELYGHOSE© Spirit World.

Owning a BOO MODEL 1 will grant you access to all the benefits that the Spirit World has to offer. Spirit World Membership will be limited to 1898 BOO MODEL 1's.
Only the scariest SOLs will have access.
Prepare for The Awakening.

5% of royalties will go to the Community Wallet to be voted on for next action by Spirit World members. Options of:
Merch, Ghose Animations, 3D Models, or Possible Community Suggestion!

Holding a BOO MODEL 1 will allow you to receive exclusive airdrops of art and music. Each BOO MODEL 1 holds a certain DNA explaining the Söllection and Realm of your Ghose.

A Söllection is one of four categories you could own: BOO , PHANTOM, SPECTRE and/or CASPER

A Realm is a LONELYGHOSE© from one of the four Söllections.

Holding a Realm acts as a ticket further into the Spirit World. Holding all Realms from each Söllection guarantees an airdrop for an honorary BOO Each BOO MODEL 1 will receive their own pet ZERO,
their lost love GHOUL,
and their very own LONETONE (Song)
All through a series of airdrops. There will be monthly airdrops of MUSIC for all holders, which can/will contain collaborations with other artists as we grow stronger.

Also, owning a BOO MODEL 1 will guarantee you access to our treasure hunt/lore challenges: HideNGhoseek . These will reward winners with honorary items, SOL, and other fun prizes.